Strawberry Peg Bag

The paper bag I had been using to hold my pegs finally died,

So I decided to make myself a new fabric one. I found an old baby hanger and drew around it on some red cordroy fabric.
Then I cut out a hole to put the pegs in and out.  But I cut the hole too big! So I picked a fabric to add as an insert rather than starting from scratch. A little bit of lace to girly it up, and a few motifs cut from the fabric and machine-sewn into the front on the bag. 

Then I stitched up the side and inserted the hanger.


And here it is in action.


Baby Doll's new outfit!

Emily requested a new dress for her baby doll this morning. I didn't quite make a dress, but I hope she'll be happy with baby's new outfit!


Summer Dress

Emily is going to a party on Monday for the little sister of one of her friends. And this morning I realised I'd no gift. And no little dresses left in my stash. All the dresses I have are age 2-4, and this little girl is only turning one.

So out came the sewing machine and a good mix of fabrics. I'd forgotten how much I love making little girls' dresses, mixing colours and patterns.

This dress has quite a summer feel in fresh blues and peachy orange. 

Now if we could just get some summer weather here in Ireland!



A rainbow pony for a rainbow-tastic day.

What a day to be Irish!


Cute prints

I've been working on some custom doll dresses over the last few days.

I think they are just adorable. The prints are just beautiful. I'd love to make some in little girl sizes.

And maybe a shift dress or two in my size!!


Easter Hols 2015

There's not been much crafting done the last week or so. The kids are off school for two weeks so we headed down to my folks in Wex for a few days.
The weather has been glorious, just like the summer, so it was a great time to be in the Sunny South East!

Rock climbing with Granny and their Aunty Katie.

Enjoying the beach at Kilmore Quay, where we also got our dinner at the best chipper in the world. The Salter Chipper has the best fish and chips I've ever had, probably because the chipper is right across the road from the quay-side where the fishing boats unload. You can't get fresher fish than that!


At a Teddy Bear's picnic in Rathwood, Co. Carlow on the trip home. They met Goldilocks and the three bears, took a ride on a train, made their own teddies to bring home, fed some geese and had a picnic. It was well worth a visit and we will definitely go back there again.

Now we're back home and it's back to household chores. But at least the weather's still good so there's good drying!